How Leadership Development Benefits Your Company

Nearly everyone wants to be known as a leader, and it is probably one of the most often used adjectives in a job seeker’s resume. But exactly who is a leader, and why is it important to both the employee and the company to be or have quality leaders?

The ability to led means you have to be able to make sound decisions often with incomplete information and accept the risk of those decisions. An effective leader knows how to inspire themselves and others to achieve challenging goals. Leaders have an amazing amount of self-confidence while still having humility, possess strong communication and people management skills, and have an adaptable or flexible approach to managing change.

So why are leaders so important to an organization? To simply say that leaders help an organization achieve its goals is overly simplistic. It is the ways that a leader accomplishes those objectives that are important. One of these ways is by motivating and challenging people to be better at that jobs. Additionally, a good leader is also a team builder assembling a staff with often diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and objectives into a cohesive group that works together as seamlessly as possible.

A company also establish a framework of authority. This aids the company by enforcing policies and procedures. In the absence of formal leadership, an informal leader will most likely emerge, someone who may not be in sync with the official objectives of the company. Once this informal leader is allowed to assume a position of leadership, the organization may have a difficult time reestablishing authority.

One of the important things to remember about leadership in business is that not every leader has the same skills. Some leaders are true visionaries, but not very good at communication. Others can inspire people and build great teams, but lack in setting realistic goals. There are many people who have incredible charisma, a trait closely related to leadership, who are not leaders at all.

In addition, leadership is not just the ability to accomplish a set of given tasks. There are a great many technicians that can perform an agenda of tasks without any leadership ability. Likewise, leadership is not solely an assigned function. Many times, as mentioned early, leadership arises in a vacuum through an informal ascent by someone filling a void.

When looking for an executive position with one of the many recruiters in the DC area such as The Lucas Group, The Tangent Group, or Parker + Lynch, be sure to demonstrate your leadership qualities from the start.

Five Buildings You Must See in New York

New York is the most exciting city in the world, and the skyline is a symbol of American energy, exuberance and commitment to excellence. There are so many things to do and see in New York that it seems an almost impossible task to narrow ones’ options! It would be great if you could spend years to explore all the wonderful buildings in New York City, but if you don’t, here is a list of five architectural wonders you must see!

Flatiron-You may not know the name, but you absolutely know this amazing building! The Flatiron triangulates Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 22nd/23rd Avenue. Designed by architect Daniel Burnham, the Flatiron is one of the most photographed and famous buildings in the world. Its unique triangular slim design set off against the hip and trendy Grammercy district make it a natural for films (‘John Wick’ with Keanu Reeves and “Finding Forrester’ with Sean Connery) and an absolute must for people looking to experience the soul of New York City.

Chrysler Building-Located in mid-town Manhattan, this is THE art-deco masterpiece! Noted for its beautiful “crown” that tops this amazing structure, it features triangular windows and is one of the most identifiable buildings in the world. The Chrysler Building is first and foremost an office complex so there are no specific amenities for tourists, but a visit to lobby is free and will take your breath away! The lobby is a combination of rich browns with chrome accents with African wood inlays set against Chinese and Egyptian inspired design, DO NOT MISS one of the great murals in all the Americas, Edward Turnbull’s “Transport and Human Endeavor”. The Chrysler was designed by architect William Van Alen and is truly a New York (And national) treasure.

Woolworth Building-Modeled after the great cathedrals of Europe (Notre Dame, Gottenburg) the Woolworth Building combines the majestic, gothic elegance of Old Europe with the massive scale and functionality of a modern American skyscraper (60 stories tall!) The Woolworth is located in lower Manhattan and has one of the coolest restaurants to enjoy upscale American cuisine. The Woolworth Tower Kitchen is a fantastic place to grab a burger, beer or just people watch.

(ESRT) or The Empire State Building-Classic, iconic and historic. For many people The Empire State Building IS New York City. It is the 9th tallest building and is a tribute to American industrial might and ingenuity. Competed in 1931, The Empire State Building has been a fixture in the American psyche and is definitely more than just a destination. Its beautiful lighting effects have announced the election and death of presidents, the tragedy of war and the joy of eventual triumph. The observation deck and continental restaurant are world famous and justifiably legendary. The Empire State Building has been featured in more movies and media than can possibly be listed (My favorite is ‘King Kong’) and can rightly be called the “Pyramid of New York City”. More than a building, the Empire State Building is a New York State of mind.

One World Trade Center-This is possibly the most important structure it is possible to visit in the United States. It represents the pinnacle of American technology, brilliance and will to endure. Built on the ashes of The World Trade Center, One Observation Tower is an emotional experience which features a complete 9/11 interactive tour and a magnificent view of all Manhattan, the Atlantic Ocean and the Statue of Liberty. The all-glass observation deck WILL take your breath away, and the three world class restaurants add to the atmosphere of elegance and family-friendliness. Both an emotional and sensory experience, One World Trade Center is not to be missed.

Choosing the right head hunter for your company’s exec needs

The executive head hunters in DC are placing people in the city to help make sure that they are going to have the right talent. There are many people that are going to be placed like the CEO at WealthEngine, and these people have been selected by the team that brings someone to the board. The board does not have the time to pick someone out, but they will get headhunters to make sure that they have the right person.

Someone who is ready to have someone come to work on the executive team can get an interview through Nels Olson. The headhunters looked for many people before they got the CEO at WealthEngine, and they are working from a list of people that has been collected over time. These lists are long because they make it much easier to find someone. Someone who is on the list could be asked in for many jobs, and that makes it a lot easier for these companies to pick someone fast.

Vetting that is done by these people includes a lot of research that is presented to the board of the company they are working for. The board will use that information to make sure that they pick the right person, and that information is held for further interviews with the same person.

People who get involved with headhunters will be able to get many jobs just because of the phone calls they get for these jobs. They will be able to call on the people that they think are best for the job, and they will have the list come together quickly. There are many boards of directors that will want to see some of the people that they have seen in the past, and that makes it much easier for people to get the results that they want.

The headhunters that are out there in DC looking for executives are helping every company find the people they need to get their positions filled fast. A headhunter is out there looking for people who can be placed fast, and this makes it much easier for them to get the people they want for each new job. These jobs come up often, but they can be filled pretty quickly because the headhunter probably already has someone in mind for the job. The process moves fast, and it will help people like the new CEO at WealthEngine get a job.

Affluent Chinese see upscale safe haven in Seattle area

From Seattle Times:

With volatility and devaluation at home, Chinese investors have become the No. 1 foreign purchasers of U.S. real estate, and interest in the Seattle area is said to be running high.

The glossy magazine’s pages contain a guide to Seattle and Eastside spas and high-end shopping, as well as ads for Mercedes-Benz and Roche Bobois, an upscale furniture chain.

What’s less expected is that it’s all in Chinese, since the new Seattle Luxury Living targets wealthy people from China who’ve bought homes here or are considering such a move.
But just as the magazine launched this month, China’s stock market took its latest dive, precipitating halts in trading, new government controls and concern around the globe that shakiness in the world’s No. 2 economy would rattle other countries as well.

Is Seattle Luxury Living’s publisher, John Spear, worried that affluent Chinese individuals, buffeted by the volatile market back home, will stop coming here? Quite the opposite.

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Famous buildings in NYC and the People that Own Them

There are millions of cities in the world, but none quite like New York City. Between its diverse neighborhoods, distinct culture and rich atmosphere, few places evoke the same wonder and curiosity as The City That Never Sleeps. Among New York’s many unique qualities, its skyscrapers stand out as some of the most awe-inspiring. When you visit Anthony Malkin in New York City, you won’t know whether to take in all the people, shops and life bustling around you or fix your gaze skyward and behold the magnificent architectural contributions that embody the different styles, concepts and designs that all combine to create that unreplicatable New York City flow.

The Top 5 Most Iconic New York City Skyscrapers

One of the most famous skyscrapers in the city is recognized worldwide and that is the Empire State Building located at 350 5th Ave. This art-Deco tower is called one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers and is the is currently the 22nd tallest building in the world, 4th tallest in the United States, and 2nd tallest in New York City. The building was constructed in 1931, and the magnificent 103-story structure starred in the iconic 1933 “King Kong” movie and the 2005 remake. Today it is owned by real estate investor Peter Malkin, who purchased the building for $57.5 million in 2002.

The 1930 Chrysler Building at 405 Lexington Ave. stands 1,046 ft. (318.9 m) tall and is the 8th tallest in the United States, and 4th tallest in New York City with 77 floors, 32 elevators made by the famous Otis Elevator Company and has a famous lobby boasting a stunning mural and the first digital clock. It was originally constructed for architect William Van Alen as commissioned as a project of Walter P. Chrysler. In 1930, it was the tallest building in world, before being usurped by the Empire State Building 11 months later.

30 Rock, the namesake of the hit NBC series written by and starring Tiny Fey as well as Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer and more. 30 Rock is officially known as the GE Building and also known as the RCA Building and has a spectacular panoramic observation deck. It has been the home to NBC Studios since 1933, so it’s seen no short supply of famous names and New York’s wealthiest families. Part of John D. Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Center, it once featured the controversial mural “Man at the Crossroads” by Diego Rivera.

These are just three of the top famous skyscrapers that New York City has to offer. For an extensive list, check out this article by Am New York for more buildings as well as many unknown facts.

Hiring executive talent in Washington

The process of hiring executive recruiters like Nels Olson is something that the majority of companies have to deal with on a periodic basis, due to the fact that it is much more difficult to replace a high level position. Instead of each individual company going out and taking on the long and drawn out task of executing their own hiring process, it is far more beneficial to hire a head hunter, who will undeniably have a much higher propensity of finding an appropriate replacement.

When it comes to hiring executive talent in the Washington, D.C. area, there are a ton of options that companies have the ability to choose from. This stems from the fact that there are a great deal of large companies, political firms, and all sorts of high level individuals in the general D.C. area, although picking the right executive talent is a very important aspect. Firms such as Lucas Group and the McCormick group have had a lot of success in the Washington D.C. area and are highly regarded as a reputable firm that is a great option to utilize. Reaction Search International, Tangent Corporation, and Spencer Stuart are some other firms that have gotten quite a bit of notoriety in the general area, as they have successfully filled all sorts of positions, for a ton of companies in D.C.

If you happen to own a company and are in need of replacing a high level executive, you should absolutely check out some of these companies, but one of the biggest aspects when it comes to selecting a firm is inspecting how successful they have been. This means checking out the various positions that they have filled for other companies and assessing whether or not they are doing well or not. One of the best things about the way that society is run today is the fact that nearly every company is transparent, so doing a bit of research and tracking down this information is not a very difficult thing to do. Picking the right head hunter could ultimately lead to the either success or failure of a company, so it is vitally important that a wise and well thought out decision is made, but the great thing is, there are so many reputable firms in the Washington D.C. area, that there is a very low chance of hiring executive talent that can not find a great replacement.

Dropbox Teams will offer a host of business features to free users

Dropbox for Business is an increasingly important part of the company’s revenue stream — there are more than 130,000 businesses using the service — but there are many more people out there using the company’s more consumer-focused free service and its $9.99 monthly subscription plan. Millions of those users are in fact using their personal Dropbox accounts to get work done, as well — so now Dropbox is going to offer a set of tools to make it a lot easier for individuals and smaller businesses to use Dropbox with a team of co-workers. In fact, that’s the name of the new service that launches tomorrow: Dropbox Teams.

Anyone using Dropbox will now have the opportunity to create a team. When you start the process, Dropbox will even suggest users it thinks you should invite based on what documents you share with what people or whether you’re all using the same email address domain. Once your team is set up, everyone will have access to the same shared folder, which Dropbox expects teams will use to share documents that the whole group will need access to. Fortunately, you can also set up sub-groups (like a marketing team, or the specific people involved with a specific project) — that’ll keep everyone on the team from having files they don’t need taking up space in their Dropbox.

Dropbox Teams will also give administrators granular control over what different users will have access to — you can limit what files and folders they can see, and you can also decide whether files can be shared or not. Another sharing option is the ability to determine whether folders and files can be shared with people who aren’t on your team. If files are confidential, you can keep them only within your team, but other files will be able to be freely shared with anyone using Dropbox. (Of course, that won’t stop anyone from downloading the file and sharing it via email, but there’s only so much you can expect from a free offering.)

Source: engadget

3 Key Pieces of Technology Entrepreneurs Can Leverage to Grow Their Business

Starting a business used to require a lot of time and effort. All the paperwork needed to be filled out manually and submitted via snail mail. If you were lucky, you could go down to some clerk’s office and submit the forms in person, but you knew it would be weeks before anyone looked at it. You cringed at the thought of your papers sitting in a wire basket on the end of someone’s desk, waiting to be processed.

Fast forward to 2015, and the landscape has completely changed: getting up and running takes days, not weeks, and you don’t need a brick-and-mortar location or a receptionist to give your micro business the look and feel of a large corporation. The Internet, and particularly cloud-based platforms, has made entrepreneurship simple for anyone with an idea, some decent skills, and the drive to make it happen.

When I started Infographic World, I did it in my boxers (literally). I set up the infrastructure virtually and built my first team with solid contractors across the U.S. Had I done this the traditional way, it would have taken years to shape the workforce that I currently employ. All of our staff members are now full time IGW employees, and the Internet helped me land some of the best designers and leaders in the industry — and build systems crucial to our success in three key areas.

Virtual Assistance

When you’re running a startup, funds are limited (to say the least), but there’s always a boatload of work. Being able to hire help at an affordable rate is golden. It’s a luxury that web-based platforms have afforded entrepreneurs, and one that is in high demand.

When I was the sole employee, it was difficult to keep up with administrative tasks as the company grew. I eventually hired a virtual assistant to manage these jobs while I focused on business development. The assistant took over several recurring tasks including:

  • Documenting policies and procedures. These would later become the operating/governing documents for designers and managers.
  • Project follow-up. The assistant would follow up with clients after the completion of a project to ensure satisfaction and capture referrals.
  • Billing and invoicing. This included invoicing clients at the completion of each milestone as well as following up on unpaid accounts.
  • Email management. The assistant responds to general inquiries within 24 hours, and separate and sorts emails by order of importance.

Finding the right person for the job makes all the difference in the world. I found our VA on Elance, and it took several tries to get someone who was a great fit. There were dozens of applicants, and all of them had relevant backgrounds. I was able to narrow down the search by speaking only with individuals who had legitimate references. This helped me quickly identify the applicants who would add the most value to the company. With the help of our VA, I gained valuable time and focused on development and growth.

Source: Huffington Post

Investing to Create High-Wage Jobs

Few can argue that the American middle class was hit the hardest by the recent economic downturn. During the latest pre-recession era, the American middle class was the most affluent in the word. Today many economists believe that until the middle class sees growth, the recession is not truly over.

In an effort to rebuild the American middle class, the government along with lenders have are aggressively investing into small business to create higher wages for the middle class. One positive sign for the middle class is a revers trend form the 2000, which saw 40% of the major factories in the U.S. close their doors for one reason or another.

Today’s manufacturing scene is consistently adding new jobs for the first time since the 1990s, creating a perfect opportunity for investors like venture capitalist to bridge the gap between the first round and second round funding for small businesses, and startup companies, encouraging them to grow with the market.

With manufacturing jobs growing for the first time in decades, now is a good time for venture capitalist to expand beyond the traditional technologies business model, and invest in the manufacturing market. One such company that is at the forefront of expanding the scope of venture capitalism is the DC Certified Capital Company, with the introduction of its CAPCO programs.

The CAPCO program is designed to encourage higher wage jobs, develop a solid venture capital infrastructure within the District and entice out-of-state companies to relocate to the Washing DC area. As part of the CAPCO program, the District Council has certified three companies to provided $50 million in equity and loans, over the next 10 years.

This is good news for the middle class. With manufacturing surging in America, this is primetime for small businesses to take advantage of the non-traditional lending of programs like CAPCO, which focuses on helping small businesses to expand, and can even help with the often high startup cost for new businesses.

Because venture capitalism is not the traditional banking institution, many times the strength of the small business can tip decisions to extend credit in favor of the small businesses. This is important because oftentimes small businesses will have a harder time securing large sums of capital from traditional banks.

Venture capital accounts for 2% of the GDP, and can provide valuable links and specialized expert advice that is important small business to grow.

The ideology behind CAPCO that includes building a venture capital infrastructure in the DC area will create a path for small businesses to become connected and help each other to grow. If managed properly the CAPCO program could be the model for states to model their own venture capital programs after.

In conclusion, if America is truly to recover from its recent economic woes, than the middle class will have to start earning wages that encourage spending. Programs like CAPCO aggressively propel the middle class recovery forward, and help to solidify the recovery of the U.S. economy.

Google expands its same-day delivery service to Midwest

Today Google announced its same-day delivery service is now available in states across the midwestern U.S., including Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

The service, called Google Express, first launched two years ago and offers consumers the opportunity to have purchases made with select retailers delivered to their door. The service hinges on Google’s partnership with major retailers, including Ace Hardware, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Kohl’s, L’Occitane en Provence, Fry’s Electronics, Moosejaw, PetSmart, Road Runner Sports, Staples, Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, Treasure Island Foods, Ulta Beauty, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Walgreens. In the Midwest, Google Express will also deliver from local retailers like Wrigleyville Sports.

Google is aggressively rolling out its day-of delivery service, which is already available in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to compete with Amazon’s Prime service. Amazon boasts 1 to 2-hour delivery of everything from food to dry goods in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Manhattan, Miami, Washington, D.C., and New York.

Amazon may have an advantage against Google. The company already has a well-established network of distribution centers, allowing goods to be pulled from a single location and delivered quickly. Google, on the other hand, does not. Its service picks up goods from individual stores and then delivers them to consumers, which means deliveries from Google may take more time. It may also be hard for Google to replicate Amazon’s model.

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Source: VentureBeat